1000 Stitch Belt-Named Belt, Made From Yellow Cloth With Buddhist Prayer

This yellow cotton Senninbari is long and measures approximately 6.00″ High X 88.75″ in length. Green cotton thread has been used to place the 1000 knots or stitches. This particular example is unique not only for the color of its base material and thread, but because it has been made in vertical fashion with its writing running up and down rather than sideways- Most senninbari have their stitched or written characters running in horizontal direction. This particular senninbari is long enough that it could have been easily worn around the waist as a belt even without tie strings. It may also have been a presentation piece that was carried in a pack or pocket rather than worn. The vertical black painted kanji characters say, “Namu ami dabutsu. Hamada Yoshikazu”. Namu ami dabutsu is a prayer by the Jodo shinshu sect of Japanese buddhism. In English, the Japanese term Jodo shinshu means “The True Essense of the Pure Land Teaching”. It is also known as Shin Buddhism and was founded by the former Tendai Japanese monk Shinran. Shin Buddhism is acknowledged as the most widely practiced form of Buddhism in Japan. Hamada Yoshikazu which is written next to the prayer, is a name, possibly that of the belt’s owner. A very unique display piece for your collection and fantastic dedication!


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