1000 Stitch Flag-0002 “SOLD”

This Senninbari Hinomaru Yosegaki-Good Luck Flag is made from a whilte cotton cloth and measures approximately 11.25″ High X 10.50″ Long. There are approximately 1000 red knots or stitches placed across the front of the flag. The knots fill the round red center that also contains a good luck coin. Directly below that, a second good luck coin is sewn into place, making this a distinct piece. In the center and placed into each corner are single red stitched characters. When combined, these say, Ki Buun Chokyu or “I Pray Your Military Fortunes Are Long Lasting”. The smaller characters below the coin in the 6 o’clock position say, “Wife, Michiko”. This difficult to find one-thousand stitch flag was given to Mr. Ohkura Takeshi, a member of the Fukui Tsuruga Army Unit from his wife, Michiko. This and other items came from Shiga prefecture which is where the family lived. A good luck flag signed to the same soldier sold earlier.

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