1000 Stitch Flag (Senninbari Flag)-0003 “SOLD”

This Senninbari origninally came from a house clean-out (estate sale) in Japan. In the shape of a Japanese national flag or hinomaru, the front of the cotton fabric has a bright red sun embroidered with 1000 knots in the shape of a circle, stitched into the center of the white field.  The overall measurement is approximately 17.00″ X 19.00″, with 3 of the amulet’s 4 side edges hem stitched. It does appear, at least from the lines of dirt, that the cloth may have been folded and hand stitched at one time. The back of the piece has a second white cotton square piece of cloth hand stitched over the back of the knotted panel. There are 3 nicely written, large lines of kanji visible on the panel.  The top line says: “Serving The Nation With Utmost Loyalty”, while the middle and bottom line say: “Nakazatomura Local Women’s Association”. There is a large (2.00″ X 2.00″) red shrine seal in the center of the cloth, however, it is partially obscured by the black inked kanji ideograms.   During the Edo Period, the town of Nakazato was administered directly by the Tokugawa Shogunate in Kozuke Province.  Kiyoshi Ogawa, a kamikaze pilot who led the attack that damaged the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Buner Hill off of Okinawa, was born in Gunma. More recently (2003), the small towns  of Nakazato and Manba merged to form the town of Kanna, located in Gunma Prefecture- Japan’s Kanto Region.

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