1000 Stitch Vest-0001-"SOLD"

Senninbari are made as amulets of good luck and protection to the wearer, no matter the shape or form they take. Some came in the shape of belts, while others were made as flags to be carried, caps, hats, shirts or vests for wear. The vests are rare in any form.

This example is a fully handmade, cotton one-thousand stitch vest. It is covered with green knots across the front, back, and sleeves. The dye from the green thread has bled through into the aged cotton, giving the vest a nice light color. In Asian culture, the color green symbolizes good health. When coupled with the compounding of 1000 stitches, there is added emphasis on good luck and protection, as well as good health.

There is a small area of red dye that has bled onto the cotton fabric, along the lower right-hand edge (see images). In addition, there are generalized insect nips throughout, and the buttons are missing.

The inside of this particular one-thousand stitch vest, shows the continuous chain of flat stitching that was highly prized for its skill in making and comfort in wearing. The woman who made the vest has chain stitched her name along the lapel and it reads, “Kiyama Yoriko”.

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