1000 Stitch Vest-0003

This colorful One-Thousand Stitch Vest or Senninbari Vest is made from 2 layers of white cotton material that is now age-toned to an attractive light cream color. The approximate measurements are 12.50″ Wide X 17.25″ High. The inside layer of material is made from a heavy, white cotton gauze. The material is see-through enough that you can clearly make out the stitches that have been added from the outside. Across the back of the vest (the outer reverse side), there is a large red sun, screen printed near the center. Surrounding the sun are 1000 flat French stitches nicely, and uniformly applied. The elastic arm loops are still securely fastened to both sides of the vest.
Many of these vests were given out to the men as gifts from publishing companies or organizations, etc.
The red kanji characters across the bottom of this particular example note that the article was provided by the, “Greater Japanese National Defense Women’s Association-Miyagi Prefecture”. Miyagi prefecture is located on Honshu Island, in the Tohoku region of Japan; its capital is Sendai. Interestingly, the kanji also give the particular branch of the Ladies Association, saying, “Kesennuma Chapter”.
During the later portion of the Heian period (794-1195), the area was ruled by the Northern Fujiwara. During the Sengoku period, the area was contested by various samurai clans before the area came under the control of the Date clan, and later, the Tokugawa shogunate. The town of Kesennuma was established on June 1, 1889.
Senninbari vests are almost always unique, unusual, and generally colorful pieces of clothing that look terrific displayed by themselves or on mannequins. I normally try, and add them to the site whenever they pop up, which isn’t too often. A clean example!


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