Rare Imperial Japanese Tiger Art Good Luck Signed Flag

Rare Imperial Japanese Tiger Art Good Luck Signed Flag.  Flag measures approximately 27.” high X 30.5″ long.  Both brown paper corner tabs are firmly sewn in place.  The white silk tie strings are also present and sewn into the two corners.  The hoist and fly side edges have been secured with added stitches to give those sides of the flag strength.  The red sun is nicely screeed to the center of the age-darkened white field.

The large, black and white tiger art sits prominently in the upper-center portion of the flag.  He measures approximately 5.25″ high X 17.5″ long (measured from the tail to the bamboo.).  There is a signature in the curve of the tiger’s tail, probably the name of the artist who painted it.  Unfortunately, it is a bit too stylized for me to read.

On the right-hand side of the flag, closest to the red sun is the slogan Ki Buun Chokyu or “I Pray Your Military Fortunes Are Long Lasting”.  To the right of this is another vertical line of kanji characters that name the flag’s owner “Presented to: “Mr. Furukawa Hachiroo”.  This flag and another art flag came together from the same person.  They were presented to their owner by “Mr. Okada”.  It is my understanding that at the time, he was the 35th Speaker of the House of Representatives in Japan.  A quick search listed the name (and photo) of Mr. Tadahiko Okada (b. 1878-d. 1958) who served as the Speaker of the House of Representatives from May 25, 1942-April 9, 1945.  I have been asked to sell the other flag but am only selling the tiger painted one listed here.

These are nearly impossible to find, so this is your opportunity to get a nice one.


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