Sake Cup-0019 “China Incident Victorious Return! “SOLD”

This Helmet Style Sake Cup (kabuto sakazuki) is a real looker, measuring approximately 2.25″ across. The white interior is offset by some impressive scenes, taken from the early days of the War with China. The upper artistic rendering shows a Chinese city, its stone walls towering upward, mountains in the background. In the center image, a Chinese pagoda is surrounded by a huge stone wall, military airplanes flying in formation overhead. To the left of the images, a beautiful Japanese national flag on its staff stands out. In the lower center aspect, a gold leaf painted Japanese helmet can also be seen. The upper inside lip has numerous gold leaf painted kanji characters that say “China Incident-Victorious Return!” The outside of the cup is painted a dark brown color. There is an army star molded into the clay and along with the brown paint, makes this look overall like a Japanese military helmet. Two crossed rifles in white form along the bottom and two heavily painted gold leafed characters are shown beneath them.  This is a top notch cup and one of my favorites!


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