Sake Cup-0021 "SOLD"

This wonderful sake cup is made from silver (I’m not sure of the actual silver metal content) and is chased in gold. I have not cleaned it and there is tarnish to the inner and outer surfaces.  The overall measurements are 4.00″ across. In the upper center, there is a gold chased chrysanthemum flower, representing the Imperial house. Immediately below it, on each side, are 2 crossed Japanese national flags and battle flags. Prominent aspects of each flag are also chased in gold which makes for an extremely bright and flashy cup. The flag poles are lashed together by a heavy gold chased cord in much the same way as you would see on Off-To-War Banners. There are four kanji characters engraved into the inside rim. The outer aspect of the cup has numerous kanji characters around its outside as well. This is a high end presentation sake cup in very nice condition.

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