Sake Cup-0028 China Incident Commemorative “SOLD”

This China Incident Commemorative sake cup measures approximately 2.25″ across.  The painted art inside this example is really marvelous and a bit on the rarer side! There is a Japanese soldier, fully outfitted in field gear, holding his rifle aloft, along with a Japanese national flag in a “Banzai”! pose. There is a large gold leaf army star above the soldier’s head as well as a number of gold leafed kanji characters that say, “China Incident Commemorative”. Below the soldier are bushels of colorful cherry blossoms in shades of pink, surrounded by green leaves. The outer edge of the sake cup is painted in a bluish-white color with numerous designs pressed into the porcelain, including half chrysanthemums. Below that in the white area are numerous falling cherry blossom petals.  The outer rim is a bit rough, from the firing process. No chips or cracks.


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