Salty Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag With Yosegaki-Style Tenugui Named to Mr. Ishizuka Toshio

Salty Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Silk Flag and Yosegaki-style Towel Or Tenugui.  Flag measures approximately 28.75″ high X 35.” long. The red sun in the center is bold and bright.  The fly and hoist side edges of the flag are reenforced with added stitching to provide strength.  The thin brown leather corner tabs are firmly sewn in place.  The white silk tie strings are present in both corners.

The large vertial kanji characters on the left-hand side say Ki Buun Chokyu or “I Pray Your Military Fortunes Are Long Lasting”.  The smaller vertical kanji characters on the right-hand side of the flag, nearest the hoist provide the name of the flag’s former owner-“Present to: Mr. Ishizuka Toshio.  There is a nice 1.” square red seal on the lower right quadrant that belongs to the person who also signed above it in ink.

The aged yosegaki-style cloth measures approximately 13.” high X 25.” long.  There appears to be many, many signatures and slogans written in varying directions across the rough cotton tenugui in red and black ink.


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