Senninriki-Senninbari (Power Belt-1000 Stitch Belt)-0002

This is a very nice combination of a Senninriki-Senninbari. These are difficult to find in this form as you normally encounter only a senninbari or only a senninriki; this example has combined the two good luck items into one. Made from white cotton, this piece measures approximately, 6.25″ High X 56.50″ Long. When you view the images you can see that the material has been divided into a grid pattern. Within each square there has been placed a kanji character for the word riki or chikara. In English this single character represents “power” or “strength”. When placed upon a good luck item, in this case a senninriki, the wearer was to be blessed with a compounding of strength or power, above that of the single character. In addition to the painted characters, each ideogram for riki has been topped by a small threaded red knot, ‘a la like a senninbari. The senninbari was carried or worn by the soldier, sailor or airman and was believed to protect the wearer from harm, enabling him to be most effective in doing his duty. The knots on this example have been placed in varying sizes and styles which indicates that multiple hands have made the amulet. Combined with the senninriki this was a very powerful and as you can see, a visually beautiful good luck item. To top this all off, the person who made the senninriki-senninbari added the characters for the mantra, “Samuhara” along the right-hand side of the cloth. Samuhara was a mantra or word with special meaning that was specifically intended to impart to the wearer protection from bullets in battle. This is an attractive, clean and difficult to find good luck item.


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