1000 Stitch-1000 Power Kanji Combination Belt with National Flag Design “SOLD”

This rare combination 1000 Stitch (senninbari)-senninriki combination belt came from a grouping of items that belonged to a Japanese soldier killed during the fighting around Shanghai. The belt is made from a white cotton material that has age-toned to a dark tan color. When unfolded, two panels are visible: the senninriki portion is on the top and the senninbari is on the lower. The senninriki has approximately 1000 round, red circles, each holding a black kanji character for the word riki or chikara which translates as “strength” or “power”. It feels as though there might be some ofuda or good luck charms stitched into the multi-layered belt. The senninbari panel has approximately 1000 small red dots, with each holding one single knot made from green cotton thread. It feels as though there may be grains of rice stored inside this particular layer. In addition, the center of the senninbari panel has a Japanese national flag or hinomaru drawn in red ink (see photo). Inside the upper right-hand corner of the senninriki there are 2 vertical lines of characters, however, I cannot see them clearly enough to read them. There also appears to be a couple of large characters drawn inside the inner layer horizontally but again, I cannot make them out. This is a rare version of a belt type that imparts blessings and strength to its wearer.  Very difficult to find and in near excellent condition, almost impossible.


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