Senninriki-Senninbari (Power Belt-1000 Stitch Belt)-0004

I was fortunate to come across this combination Senninriki-Senninbari belt from an estate sale in Japan. Overall approximate measurements are 6.50″ high X 52.25″ long, not including tie strings.  The front aspect of this “power’-good luck belt is made from white cotton material, while the reverse side is made from white silk. Small boxes were drawn across the front of the cotton in now-faded ink and in each, a kanji for “power” was added; above each of those, a small red cotton knot was placed, making this a combination-type belt (power belt-1000 stitch belt). The left-hand side tie string was stitched with the owner’s name in white cotton thread; it reads, “Kimihara Oishi”. The right-hand string has 4 characters written in black ink; those too read, “Kimihara Oishi”. The center of the belt has 3 snap closures that hold the center pouch closed. Upon opening the pouch, 4 additonal characters for the mantra, “Samuhara” may be seen. Samuhara was a specific mantra meant to protect the wearer from harm, particularly from bullets in battle. For more on this subject, please see the book, Imperial Japanese Good Luck Flags and One-Thousand Stitch Belts.


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