Senninriki Vest (Power Vest)-0002-"SOLD"

This Senninriki (Power) Vest is very well made and in near mint condition. It is sewn from a heavy white cotton material that has now darkened to a warm cream color. The vest measures approximately 15.00″ Long across the shoulder blades and is about 19.00″ High from neck to waist. Three original bone buttons remain firmly sewn in place and all are matching. Written in black ink across the front, and back of the senninriki are many kanji characters for “chikara” or “riki”, which means “Power” or “Strength” in English. It was believed that the writing of 1000 “Power” characters would have the ability to impart super strength to the wearer of the article. You often see the saying, “The strength of 1,000” or “….10,000 People” associated with any senninriki (senninriki belts being seen as well). Across the back of the vest are some larger stylized characters. One appears to be a slogan that says, “Life and Death (Are) the Same”. This is followed by the person’s name which seems to be, “Shimamoto” but very tough to read. Senninriki vests and belts are becoming tough to find. It is probable that more vests and belts were made in the Senninbari style.

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