Senninriki Vest (Power Vest)-0003-"SOLD"

This fine Senninriki Vest is made with an outer layer of white silk, and an inner layer of white cotton materials. There are upper and lower cotton tie strings to fasten the vest closed when being worn. The vest measures approximately 14.50″ across the shoulders, and about 22.00″ long from the top of the shoulders to the bottom of the waist. Across the front and back, someone has placed numerous round, red circles, each of which is filled with the kanji character “riki” or “chikara” for strength. Many hands contributed to the fabrication of this fabulous off-to-war gift that was intended to provide its wearer with extra fortitude and strength to complete his mission on the field. There are a couple of small holes on both the front and rear of the vest, but overall condition is very good. Inside, there are two medium sized pockets on either side of the vest. This is just a nicely made example of a hard to find good luck item.

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