Pilot’s or Soldier’s Souvenir Scarf with Fountain Pen Signatures

This pilot’s or soldier’s souvenir scarf has been hand-painted in color with the 8th Army insignia on both ends. In addition, there is the message, “Memory Of Landing At Japan Yokohama 1946”.  3 friends have signed their names and hometowns in fountain pen, in a fashion similar to “short snorter” bills or sometimes seen on captured flags.  The names “Walter Swesey-Whiting, Iowa”, “Hubert Stevens-Kingston, Ohio” and “Donald J. Hargrave-Rochester, NY” are clearly visible.  It measures approximately 8.75″ High X 40.25″ Long.
The Eighth Army was to have participated in Operation Downfall, the invasion of Japan. It would have taken part in Operation Coronet, the second phase of the invasion, which would have seen the invasion of the Kanto Plain on eastern Honshu. However, instead of invading Japan, Eighth Army found itself in charge of occupying it peacefully. Occupation forces landed on 30 August 1945, with its headquarters in Yokohama, then the HQ moved to the Dai-Ichi building in Tokyo. At the beginning of 1946, Eighth Army assumed responsibility for occupying all of Japan.


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