China-Burma-India Souvenir Pillow Case with Embroidered Dragon

This colorful silk/satin pillow case was a “bring back” from Tsingtao, China and was found along with a grouping of other items that dated to the end of World War Two.  Following the end of the War, the U.S. 6th Marine Division was tasked with helping Chiang Kai-shek’s government handle the surrender and disarmament of Japanese troops in the vicinity of Tsingtao. Known as “Operation Beleaguer”, the mission would not be completed until the end of 1949.

The rectangular shaped souvenir listed here is open on one side in order to accommodate a pillow and measures approximately 13.50″ H X 19.50″ L. The blue center section displays a brightly embroidered dragon and fireball. The lower left corner contains the stitched words, “Tsingtao. China.” The outer edges of the piece have separate hand embroidered edging in contrasting colors that have been tac-stitched around all 4 sides. There are some very small moth bites on the reverse side in a couple of places. The accent embroidery reminds me of what is sometimes seen on very old and high-end Chinese robes and clothing. This would look nice in a display case as an accent piece or framed as a wall hanging.


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