Souvenir of Service-0006 "SOLD"

This colorful silk Souvenir of Service flag measures approximately 12.00″ high X 17.00″ long. The red sun center was silk screened onto the white field as were the gold leaf letters that say, “Memory of Landing at Japan” and “1945”. The date makes this an early souvenir as many later items were marked as “Souvenir of Occupation”. The faux leather corner tabs and tie strings are nicely attached and 3 of the 4 side edges are hem re-enforced.
The center of the sun has been decorated with a beautifully hand painted example of Mt. Fuji. The kanji characters above the peak say, “Fuji-san”, the Japanese name for the iconic mountain. Scattered about the sun are numerous hand painted examples of cherry blossoms, done with both silver and gold leaf paint.
This really is a colorful example of an early, post-Pacific War souvenir, brought back from Japan.

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