Tiger Painted Senninriki "Power" Belt-0005 "SALE"

Nicely made and custom painted (in 2 places!), Tiger Senninriki “Power” belt. This belt is made entirely from heavy white silk that has age-toned over the years. I have seen some very long senninriki and senninbari but this is probably one of the longest that I have encountered, measuring approximately 6.25″ high X 66.50″ long, not including tie strings. Painted prominently in the center of the belt is a custom designed snarling tiger. The tiger is running; red, white and black mouth snarling as it looks back over its shoulder. To the front of the beast, a large kanji for “power” has been painted. Just behind the animal’s tail, another similar character for “power” is shown. To the left and to the right aspects of the belt, large additions of the character for “power” have been painted in multiple rows. In addition, near the left and right tie strings, the 4 characters for the mantra, “Samuhara” were painted. Samuhara was a special invocation that was supposed to protect the wearer from bullets in battle. A small opening was made in the top of the belt in order to view a separate white cotton panel, sewn between the 2 layers of silk, that also contains the black inked character for “power”, placed one each, inside a small red stamped circle. Next to this, a small center pouch was made in order to accommodate a special white cotton cloth good luck tiger amulet. The characters surrounding the tiger read, “ichiman-riki” or 10,000 power. The wearer of the belt was supposed to be infused with near super-human power, based upon the compounding of each “power” character that was added. Additional kanji characters may be faintly seen in between the silk layers, down near where the tie strings attach to the body of the belt. When I press down, I can read the slogan, “Ki Buun Chokyu” or “I Pray Your Military Fortunes Are Long Lasting” on one end. There also appears to be a name next to this, probably the name of the owner. On the other side, there are 2 longer lines of kanji that are tough to read but are probably the name of the person or organization that presented the senninriki. I think that in the right light, these characters can be read. (*Note:please review all images. The silk on this belt is somewhat frayed in places, particularly across the tiger’s front shoulder and also where each tie string is sewn to the body of the belt. Most presentation belts are framed for display anyway, which would mitigate any further damage to the material.) This would make a rare addition to anyone’s collection.

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