Yellow-Gold 1000 Stitch Senninbari with White Cotton Threaded Knots

This 1000 Stitch Senninbari was a recent purchase from a U.S. veteran’s estate.  The good luck or amulet of protection is made from a yellow-gold cotton material and is approximately 6.25″ high X 51.” long.  The front of the senninbari was stamped in ink with numerous red, round circles and each was then filled with a white cotton-thread knot. The reverse shows multiple connected rows of flat, French stitches.  Sewn to the front are two 5-sen good luck coins.  Each has been fastened to the yellow material by white cotton threads.   You will note some scattered fading of the material due to age.  The reverse of the senninbari shows dirt and bug debris from years of storage.  I did not attempt to clean it.

A very nice 1000 stitch senninbari good luck piece.  Sorry, no other history on this bring back.


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